I would encourage all to start the conversation of downsizing housing and care instead of waiting until a crisis occurs. 

This is hard to do within families as adult children with aging parents report that they “know” the desires of their parents, whereas in many cases their views don’t align with their parent’s wants and desires.  

Whilst children want to do the right thing by their parents, a combination of emotions and denial make for strained relationships and regret, causing much anguish, distress and sometimes an impasse.  So bring someone in, like the Downsizing Divas, who can bridge this gap.

Crisis-driven moves tend to result in stress and misery all round. Thinking ahead and introduce this topic as a part of a series of conversations is the key. 

Met with a Downsizing couple, this week in Port Macquarie. 

They were looking for guidance as their property is getting too much both financially and physically. And they can’t manage the stairs like they used to.

Discussed: Selling and moving into a villa or a Lifestyle home; getting the home market-ready, and tailoring our other services to suit their needs like decluttering, organizing, donating, packing and unpacking.  Will get a custom proposal together for their move.